Thursday, June 21, 2012

Healthy Heart!

 So on May 31 Emma had her cardiology appointment. It had been two years since her last one, and although I honestly didn't fear anything, it always brings me back to the memories of Emma's first year. Emma was a trooper! It was a really long appointment, over 4 hours! But the best news is that she looks great! All the repairs are holding great with no problem and we don't go back for another two years! She got released from ALL physical restrictions! Yay!! She still has one valve that we will continue to look at as she grows, but for now it is letting plenty of blood pass through!

Getting her echocardiogram- looking at her heart with the "magic wand"

At about 3 hours into the appointment, the natives were getting Emma played doctor with her EKG stickers!

 Mommy's turn....

 Afterwards, we took her to her favorite type of restaurant- Chinese and then I surprised her by taking her to Six Flags. She has been asking and asking to go to Six Flags for a while. And now that we had no physical restrictions, nothing was out of reach! (Well, as long as she was tall enough of course!)

One of the first rides we rode was the Judge Roy Scream. Now, I kinda didn't tell her how high the roller coaster was nor did she get a good look at it first. Let's just say she was holding on for dear life on that first hill but by the end she was screaming in fun and wanted to do it over and over and over! (We did it three times total!)

At the top of her first roller coaster!

On the swings

At the top of the parachutes! (I have to admit, this is the one ride that makes my stomach turn a little!) We did the parachutes twice!

 We took a stop for a "Pink Thing" per Daddy's request!

On the Conquistador!

We rode the Log Ride about 4 times continuously- there were no lines and so the people just let us keep on riding!

Celebrating the trip with Dippin Dots!

And as you might guess, she didn't last long once we got into the car. She's holding "Cuddles"...her prize for beating me in the water gun game in the midway area.

And saving the best for last, here's our picture on the log ride!

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